Tuesday, September 08, 2009

"That pill that they call pride.."


"I've been travelin' on this road too long

Just trying to find my way back home

But the old me is dead and gone

Dead and gone


I turn my head to the east I don't see nobody by my side

I turn my head to the west still nobody in sight

So I turn my head to the north swallow that pill that they call pride

That old me's dead and gone but the new me will be alright"

~ T.I. & J.T. ~


For those of you who've never heard this song, it discusses some real tragedies of life generated from need & so forth.. Anyways, whenever I used to hear it, I always felt like telling T.I. & J.T.: You guys, when you turn your head to the north & feel like swallowing your pride, kneel down! Prostrate, it's what you're looking for, but just can't find :( I pray with all my heart, for me, you & everyone else, to feel the blessing of our weaknesses to our Creator & let go of our bad pride to let space for our good one, amen! S U B M I T :)


Anonymous said...

Ok,my dear girl :),we need to do some serious talking here!That is probably the 100th time you write,mention or show us something I've been having on my mind as well :D!I tell you,we think so much alike,that it really scares me :)!Seriously!
Now,this song is listed in my favorite bar on my PC.I love the video and honey...ain't T.I. so super cute =)?And so is J.T..
And your thoughts about pride is just something I thought about only a few days ago when I saw an iterview with T.I.on TV.I think he's in prison now,because he still had his dues to be paid.Yeah,he's a bad guy,but he swollowed his pride at least :).I hope he'll behave from now on!
Sara,we'd make such a nice pair of friends in real life ;)!

sara said...

HEEEEEEEEEEEY WE ARE SISTERS! Not yet to be friends! We ARE sisters in real life <3

I'm so grateful to Allah for bringing you my way sweatheart :) Really am :D It's amazing sharing those similarities & understanding & accepting our differences :)

As for T.I. I saw him talk once on Tyra & LOVED his love for his kids.. I think every human deserves respect & well wishes.. I hope he makes it out fresh & spread love & true understanding of the difference between right & wrong, ameeeeeen :)

loveyousoverymuch <3

Anonymous said...

Jasmina is blushing =)!
Needless to say that the inteview I saw,was also that on Tyra :)...
Sending muchy,muchy love...

sara said...




Anonymous said...

I told you so :)!I'm scared :D!

sara said...

I'd rather use AMAZED than scared missy ;)

It's pretty fascinating & you are a pretty adorable dudette ;)

I pray for you, me & everyone, on this blessed night, to see The Light & live by It, ameeeeeen :)

Anonymous said...

hmmm...good one...

sara said...