Monday, September 07, 2009

U K H T Y <3


Remember that time I forced you to "fly" with me from our old white dining table's tip & broke your arm? I can't forgive myself until now!

Heart of my heart, soul of my soul, blood of my blood.. What can I say.. Firstly, know why I chose this pic? 'cuz it's so you :D You loved twirling ever since you knew how to walk :) Do you know that I still can't see you older than 9? I swear! Like I still see you as you were 10 years ago! That's how you're saved in my memory! Whenever your name comes up, it's that old you, the real old you, not what everyone sees now!

I still remember the very day you came to life.. I remember clearly all the details.. I remember your face, your hair, your smell.. I remember how I carried you & how scared mom was.. I remember that feeling that grew with your blooming everyday.. You were like my newest most real doll.. You were/are a real doll sis :) I loved playing with your hair, and making all weird hairdos that you never liked ;) I remember how I always watched your every step (even when barefoot ;) ) and never wanted to see you stumble.. I remember all the days I made you cry from my harsh overprotection that I had for you.. Do you forgive me? I hope you do..

Oh Dolly, if you know how much I love you.. You are the oldest song of my heart.. You're the music to my soul.. I swear it, without you, my smile would fade & my eyes would shade! May God protect you & save you from all harm, & may your laughter & giggle ring in this world & always make it a happier one, just as always :)

I wish you all the baraka you need & a safe journey in your colorful new world, amen <3



Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum dear Sara,

this post is so sweet!Your sister is really lucky to have you,as you are lucky to have her.I can only imagine how happy your mother must be at seeing how much you love eachother.That is so nice and tender :)!
I send you many kisses and a strong hug from Slovenia,where the summer is almost over,but it is still sunny ;).

sara said...

Alaiky assalam sweetie :)

Thanks so much for your sweet feelings :)

And I send you lotsa love from the steeeeeeeeeamy hot Abu Dhabi! IT'S STILL H O T :S