Sunday, March 27, 2005

PRAISE THE LORD, ALLAH, ALLLLLLLLLMIGHTY, T---O---D---A----Y I HAD ONE OF THE BEST MORNINGS I'VE EVER SPENT IN MY ENTIRE LIFE..REALLY IT WAS GREAT..I HOPE U GET TO KNOW MORE ABOUT IT..RIGHT IN U.A.E.....I GUESS I NEVER SAW SUCH GREAT THINKERS...AND SURPRISINGLY, ONE OF THE VERY RESPECTED AND TALENTED THINKERS APPROVED OF OUR GREATEST THINKER MOHAMMED PEACE AND BLESSINGS OF ALLAH BE UPON HIM.(Dr. Edward de Bono SAID: .The great prophet Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him) had more to say about ‘thinking'than any other religious leader – for example, in the Hadith the prophet says: “One hour of thinking about the works of the Creator is worth more than seventy years of praying�. In the Koran there are over one hundred verses with explicit reference to thinking. ")..ANYWAYS, U CAN GET TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS AMAZING EVENT THROUGH

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