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Imam Sadiq (S.A.W.) explains LuqmanÂ’s following admonition to his son:
“A hypocrite has three signs: his tongue contradicts his heart, his heart contradicts his conduct, an his appearance contradicts his inner (beliefs).”
Bihär al-A nwär v.15, p. 30

ManÂ’s thoughts reveal his real self. People who attempt to conceal what is in their hearts beneath hypocrisy and flattery will never be successful, for their reality and the truth will eventually be revealed.
A man said to Imam Sadiq (A.S.):
“When a person says to me: ‘I like (or love) you.’ How do I know that he is telling the truth?”
The Im(A.S.) answered the man:
“Examine your heart, if you like him then he likes you. Look in your heart, if it refuses your companion then one of you has done something.”
Al-Wafi v.3, p. 106
Dr. Mardin said:
“If you really think that you can introduce yourself with words then you have deceived yourselves. Because others will not judge you by the norms you wish to assign. Rather they will know you by your actions, words, conditions, conscience, and your inner self. The people who you talk to will notice the strengths and weaknesses of your ideas, your hypocrisy and reality from your speech and even your silence. The people around you will discover your hopes and intentions, and then form their opinions about you; even if you object to some of their views about you, they will be unwilling to change them.
“Sometimes we hear people say: ‘I can’t even stand to look at a specific person.’ These individuals cannot tolerate the hated ones, even though they may have some praiseworthy traits or a pleasant appearance. People who feel this way do so because they have read the thoughts and feelings of others. We also feel that Way about some people. This is the effect of thoughts. All our thoughts and feelings spread around us and others sense them with the rays of their thought’’
Pirozi Fikr
Imam (A.S.) said:
“Healthy consciences have more truthful testimonies than eloquent tongues.”
Ghurar al-Hikam p. 105
When we say hypocrisy, we mean it in a broader sense than just ideological, behavioral, moral, or verbal hypocrisy, for Islam has called all its adherents to a total and comprehensive unity, so as to lead them to a sincere life free of hypocrisy, dissension and treachery.
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