Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"Inspiration is not only a matter of being 'pumped up.' It is, at its core, a deep communion with ones' love for humanity and life itself."
Happiness lies in accepting life. That moment of pure acceptance gives birth to a flame of compassion that is not about getting, wanting, or wishing but rather about the most sincere simplicity -- a simplicity of the heart that knows no fears, feels no hatred, and manifests the purest spirit of service.
Those moments are my inspiration. I fall many times to subtle habits of selfishness and unknowingly, invite misery. But I take resolve to get up again. And again. To be free of my mental chains, to absolve my impressions of the past and insecurities for the future is the task that lies in front of me and I will not quit till I live the beauty of each moment.
I am determined to live simply and love purely. Beyond that, I have no aspirations, goals, or pursuits.
That's me, Nipun. :-)
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