Saturday, March 19, 2005

Oh Allah

By Yusef Hayes

where are you?
I know that you cannot be
where I think you are

outside of me

I read and study

I pray

impossible that it works like that

impossible that you are anything I can
sitting there collecting prayers
dishing out punishment and reward
taking your mail
eating dinner
making love

who are you then?

you are in me
i am in you
but what does that mean?

you are the vast expanse within my heart
you are the smile that doesn't come from circumstance
you shine in my daughters eyes
you glisten on the rain drops
and the old trees sing your song

i try singing too
allahu allahu allahu

where are you where are you where are you

i need you

i am banging on the glass
i want to be inside
i want everyone inside

maybe that is the way
through the all
through the nothingness
through the pain and the crying
the madness and chaos

maybe then we all end up singing
you hear the song
and you appear


Yusef Hayes is a husband, father, and son who is learning how to love through instruction, practice, and grace. In his spare time he teaches Speech at North Shore Community College in Massachusets. He is looking forward to the return of Hip Hop and the age of Aquarius.
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