Sunday, March 13, 2005

For Healing
Step 1
To " BE"
To Understand it you must be it. - Bayat - Connection To a Master
Step 2
Understanding Water
Our Life Force.
-- Ablution Wudu
-- 12 Openings
Inner Water
- Purify Our Blood from Inhalants and Spirits
Food -Dietary Habits
-You Are What You Eat - Vegetables Natural Foods. Sugars Oils. - Meats that Don't eat waste.
Step 3
Energy Distribution:
Head- Heavenly Energy Enters. 7 Holy Openings 7 Eternal Attributes
Neck- Energy Begins its Travels Thru Vagus Nerve And Spine
Heart - The Sun and Center of Our Universe No Sun No Life. The House of God
Allah (swt) says;
Neither My Heavens nor My Earth can hold Me, but the heart of my servant,
the believer, is a house for me.
...and sanctify My house for those who compass It round, or stand up, or bow, or prostrate themselves (therein In prayer). (AI-Hajj:26)
Blood- 70% of our being is Liquid, As The Earth is Covered 70% by water. If Pure we Prosper. If Contaminated we fall ill. - Lesson from Noah (as) Floods Wash away Badness.
Lungs - Tree of Life within Us. Takes our waste Purges it and returns us with Oxygen for the Heart.
Nafas Rahma Breath of Mercy. All Life within One Breath.
Body- The Universe,
Energy enters and Blood is Clean Pumping to the Heart and Distributing Throughout the Body. That Body Energy Field is Similar to Van Allen Belt, Electromagnetic Field That protects the Earth.
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