Monday, May 23, 2005


Author: Muaad
Published: 2005/4/18

One must stay psychologically exclusive
From all the inequity and ignorance intrusive
Upon the mind of a Muslim walking the straight path
Maintaining his morality and avoiding Allah's wrath
Knowing this world is but the enjoyment of deceit
Which human beings indulge in like cattle herds or sheep
Knowing that one day it will come to pass
When death is upon us forthcoming, Alas
Our time on this good earth has come to an end
The reckoning which seemed so far will now transcend
And each will stand to his own with his book in hand,
This is the Day of Judgment where every soul shall stand,
In front of Allah the Almighty and their fate shall be pronounced
All deeds will be accounted for to the weight of an ounce
So take heeds my friends and use your time with maturity
For what we do in life echoes in eternity

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sara said...

Author: Muaad
Published: 2005/4/18
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Sometimes I ask myself when I hear others' conversations,
Do they really have a purpose in life, or are they just complacent?
They assign no value to time as it slips by unnoticed
I try to brush these trivial matters off so that I may stay focused.
I try to make the most of every minute that I am given
While understanding that this life for a Muslim is a prison
We may live in this world but we do not participate
In matters of materialistic interests not designed to anticipate
The inevitable end that represents the last chapter of the story
Of the life that men live in search of fame and glory
This is an open book test, we know how it ends
Influence can change a person, disassociate from friends
Who lead you away from the place waiting for you in Eden
Onto the wicked place of Hell for which there is no feeling
Except that of horrid pain, the abode of the evil
This life is only once, my friends there is no sequel
Does man think that he will be left to his own?
Nay, there is a plan that to each will be known
So while they may be calm in this life and not fret
They will come to realize that the choice was only Discipline or Regret