Friday, May 20, 2005

Unity of Humanity

There is only Unity. Everything has come from God and returns to Him, and everything other-than-that is an illusion. Having said that, having grasped it intellectually, we have to experience it. There is nothing else to do. Man has been created in order to see and experience the illusion he has inflicted upon himself. This is the reason why Muhammad came. He did not bring anything new. He simply purified and updated what had come before him many, many times. Even most of the rituals and the code of behavior were already there. The divinely revealed way of life had degenerated, it had been perverted and diluted. All that the Prophet did was to redefine it, and confine it ? and also to make it sweet. Circumstances had changed and the style of living, the way of development of mankind had reached a point whereby Allah, through the Qur`an and his last Messenger, gave us the ultimate code of conduct.
Nothing in this life can mean anything unless it is contained. Nothing whatsoever can be looked at, defined, exchanged, or understood ? unless it has a boundary.

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