Tuesday, May 31, 2005


THANK YOU ... not for worldly gain ... not 'cuz you praised me ... 'cuz i see something in you that i haven't seen in my life ... its nice to accept one another despite all differences ... and whats better is to learn from aaaaaallllll those differences ... arrogance is killing people's souls, hearts, minds, and bodies ... my prayer is that God Almighty guide you and i and all human biengs... I cant garantee you bieng safe from every evil, or even promise myself that.. Life's tests are pretty much in every area of life.. be it health, wealth, family or whatever. Life's tests bring out our strength or weakness for us in the same way that school tests did. Dealing with tests is a matter of creating a mind-set that is focused on overcoming the difficulties instead of letting them overwhelm us. If we look at the difficulties that we face in our life and think of them as opportunities to build our strengths our attitude toward them will change. We will feel stronger instead of weak and helpless. When we feel helpless we are less tolerant and more impatient. Reliance on God helps. Knowing that these tests are from Him, to help us grow and become better human beings.. not only in relation to ourselves, but others as well as in our relationship to God.

( i got this pic at the school i teach in, that girls name is Reem, she's six... i just felt that it would make a good THANK YOU to the deepest, most tolerent, and most incredible big blue soul... )

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