Friday, May 06, 2005

Driving past,
walking fast,
To the field of dreams,
hear the children screams
Every corner represents,
a different image in my mind
A momentary emotion,
space banked in time
In time
Memories fade
like a dusty window pain
And you can't see
you past no more
The only thing that remains
is that feeling of warmth
In your heart that will always be there
be there
An immortal smile,
stays only for a while
But down the line,
it strengthens us inside
We all live the illusion,
of many days to come
Not realising that tomorrow
lies with Allah, the only One
The Only One
Time goes by
on the wings of a butterfly
And what goes with it
is all that you have
So take the best of every moment,
take the best of every man
Then move on
and don't ever look back
don't look back

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