Monday, October 09, 2006

the happy bubble of protection has popped!

She said:
"We all do that, mistaking luck for protection, or thinking that the most awful thing won't happen, precisely because it's so awful. It's as if we believe in
justice, and believe that it sees things by our lights. When I tried to pray, one thought that tripped me up was "What if I do deserve this? What if I deserve it and don't even know it?" But I had to leave that behind, too. Like the man in the movie says, "Deserve's got nothing to do with it."

Well, I wanna post here on 'ayah from the holy Qur'an, that would hopefuly help you see better... And please try to contemplate as hard as you can...

"GOD never burdens a soul beyond its means: to its credit is what it earns, and against it is what it commits. "Our Lord, do not condemn us if we forget or make mistakes. Our Lord, and protect us from blaspheming against You, like those before us have done. Our Lord, protect us from sinning until it becomes too late for us to repent. Pardon us and forgive us. You are our Lord and Master. Grant us victory over the disbelieving people."

"Deserve's got nothing to do with it."
You said: "This isn't a very heavy burden, and I can't complain, since I've learned something."

See, God's words are right? don't you think?

Uzma Mazhar said:
"Trust is the most basic building block in relationships."

And the most important relationship of all, is your realtionship with the Lord Almighty... it leads to a very successful and healthy chain of relationships... So we better strengthen & keep our trust in Him... The One & Only...

Uzma Mazhar also said regarding the Scope of 'Wellness':
"Wellness approaches life from the perspective that all human beings function at four levels: the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels. For optimum health we need to look at the whole person. Each of these aspects/levels impact on the well-being of the individual. Just picking the dimension of wellness that you like and ignoring the others doesn't work in the long run......." The key is to "get beyond the distractions"


"............There is no concrete wellness formula. You have to discover what works for you. And don't try to be perfect in creating one... take it easy on yourself. ;-)"

"So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief: Verily, with every difficulty there is relief."
(Quran 94:5-6)


Small Blue Thing said...

Even more, Sufis used to say that even when a soul is in pain in Hell, if it comes to Allah the Highest in Heaven and repent, nevertheless the pain but the repenting itself, Allah the Highest will be Merciful. Ibn Al Arabi said this because The Quran names more the word "mercy" than "pain".

And besides... things happen. This is not paradise, but it's our duty to make it up the nearest to it.

sara said...

or in other words, make it until we reach paradise itself ;)