Tuesday, October 17, 2006

love that binds :)

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love that binds

"JUST WONT QUIT - By Meat Loaf
And I never really sleep anymore,
and I always get those dangerous dreams
And I never get a minute of peace,
and I gotta wonder what it means
And I gotta wonder what it means
Maybe it’s nothing and I’m under the weather
Maybe it’s just one of those bugs going round
Maybe I’m under a spell and it’s magic
Maybe there’s a witch doctor with an office in town
Oh is this a blessing or is it a curse?
Does it get any better? Can it get any worse?
Will it go on forever or is it over tonight?
Does it come with the darkness? Does it bring out the light?
Is it richer than diamonds or just a little cheaper than spit?
(I don’t know what it is)
I don’t know what it is but it just won’t quit

I somehow or the other end up quoting meat loaf songs. Maybe someday I will meet him or the writer Jim Steinman and over a cup of coffee we will discuss how his writings and my life stem from the same seed maybe. And a million of other listeners who bougth the music have the same feelings. Thats why Meat Loaf is what he is. Anyways, besides the point.
I sit here tonight, and I have no point to make. Just a song I was listening to and it just began to make sense. I dont know what it is but it just wont quit. Heh.
Sometimes I dont like what I am becomming. Or has become. I know for a fact that humans have the power to change the world just by changing themselves. I know I can change. But what if I think that I dont need to. What if my follies are what I think are my assets? What if my mistakes and misses are considered by me as my triumphs and goals?
Seriously, love is the power that binds. Is it? It has an unimaginably short shelf life. Is that what binds? Nope. Its not that love.That kinda love is what has been commercialized beyong repair. The love that binds is based on commitments, not on impulse. The real love stems from nothing but commitment. The raw passion with which you tell yourself that you will. Everyday. That is real love. And that love can be for you God, your spouse or your family n friends. That sort of love is pure. It does not have the selfishness, the self-loathing or the fears associated with the commercialized love.
There is no thing as unconditional love. Only God has the right and the Power to do such a magnificient feat - that of unconditional love. humans are not capable. Mothers are the closest who come to giving unconditional love to their children. Love without a purpose is like a rebel without a cause - useless. Unconditional love as interpreted by most is somewhat equal to blind faith. Blind Trust. That is again not possible by humans. One has to show that trust, that love. Even to God. That is why even God doesnt demand it. God wants you to find Him through His signs, not just believe and trust in Him blindly. As has been clearly said in the Quran. In the heavens and the Earth, God has put signs for people of understanding. To intrepet and ponder over, to do what humans should and can do - think. The other part of their time is for action. Think and Act. Preferably in that order.
So now as I sit here… hurting in more than one ways, I think of all the times that I have let people I love down. And even worse, let people down who love me back. And I do need to act. Make ammends. I can say, with my eyes and heart bowing down in Praise, that I have people who love me. My girl, my family and my friends. And I need to make ammends. Find within the love that binds, not that just hurts."



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