Saturday, October 07, 2006

a splendid prayer...

A brother made this prayer, it made me go like... WOW... So true... He said: "..we are only in a pathway but we tend to forget this pathway seems to be long for us, but at the end there is the stay, hope for both of us and all the muslims that this stay is paradise.."
Amen brother Ali eldin Mohamed ElKasaby... Amen.
Thing is, we're so forgetful... SOOOOO forgetful!!!!

However, I'ld like to add something to what
you said... You said that this pathway seems so long, and guess what?! On the day of judgement, we'll all think of it as a day or a part of a day!! So we better get prepared... And these holy days are a huge support...
May Allah guide us all to what pleases Him, and eventually land in Jannah... Or in other words, fly to Jannah... Amen. :)

I'ld like to dedicate this song to you, Leanne, Ara & all...

"…When I pass I dont wanna leave a life of regret

So I give rise to change today by trying not to forget

That pleasures do pass and sunrises end

and stars do fade away

But its a love and its virtue and honor and truth

that remain for all days.

And I believe tonight is the night that I decide

That i get busy living and I get ready to die

So that when the fateful day does come

when Im six feet in the ground

The poor and the weak and the orphans and meek

will miss having me around

I want that final breath to be the sweetest of all

And it will be with certainty if I answer that call

To help all those in need and decipher the meaning of life

Cause the seekers of truth, they fear not death

any more than they fear life…"


Anonymous said...

Cause the seekers of truth, they fear not death

any more than they fear life…"

I love you sara

sara said...

May your final breath be the sweetest of all Leanne... Amen...
I truly love and respect you sis...