Tuesday, February 05, 2008


How I love you, oh prophet of Allah,
Oh how I love you, dear messenger of Allah..

I feel your every word & every move,
I see your very light like a white flying dove..

I cheer up when I’m called by my finest names,
& remember that it was you, suggesting that, back in the days..

My heart skips a beat when they recite your words,
& my soul shines, & for meeting you it increasingly longs..

I wish my eyes would have seen you clearly,
Instead of blinding them now & tasting no ecstasy..

The human race has become awfully nasty,
& you wouldn’t like to see their hearts beating this hatefully..

They scare me all the time,
& sour me with their excessive lime..

Oh how I wish you were here today,
Along with your wisdom & your needed ray..

The rainbow has lost its colors & its shape,
And the rain can’t tell what’s real from what’s fake..

The sun still shines by its Lord’s command,
But has lost interest in it’s effect & demand..

Oh Lord I know You’re The Most Just,
& You’ll help us in fighting our grubby lusts..

Dear God please send Your peace & blessings to The Real Man,
& let him know of my love & wishes to be together with him in a better time span..

How I’m missing you, oh habeebu Allah,
Oh how I need you, my dearest rasulu Allah..


Gold said...

Is that your poem?

sara said...


LuLu...! said...


wats 7970??

sara said...


LuLu...! said...

I DUNNOOOO...!!!!!

sara said...

na na na na na ;P
na na na na na ;P

i ain't tellin u
na na na na na ;P

i ain't tellin u
na na na na na ;P

go figure it out
na na na na na ;P

go figure it out ;P
na na na na na ;P

na na na na na ;P
na na na na na ;P

;P ;P ;P ;P ;P

Gold said...


beats me,,

i tried to look up the number 79, which is Surat Al Naazia'at, but it doesn't have up to 70 Ayas..

mehh!! :/


sara said...

that's all you got? you guys gotta work harder than this!

LuLu...! said...


the year u were born in??

number of fingers u have???

ur fav number (although u hate odd numbers)

WAT IS IT?????????


hehhe... :$

Gold said...

7 skies
7 earths


sara said...

siiiiiiiiiiis :D

you're the cutest ever.. hahahahahhaa :D
none of the above sweetie ;P
I love this gholob homary expression.. I've never used it ever.. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL


nope :$

LuLu...! said...


POST NUMBER 7970???????

(never knew there were 7 earths)..!

and y is it gold and not silver???

hehhe...! :$

Gold said...

day 7

Month 9

year 70

now is that a Hijri or a Miladi year?

sara said...

no sis ;)
(there are seven sislet's go discuss this with dad :) )

neither Abdo..


Gold said...

well now i can kiss sleep goodbye

over the weekend

now tell me what it is and i will post you some really powerful lyrics in my blog :D

decisions.. decisions..

sara said...

well, i'm scared that after giving you guys a hard time, it'll turn out to be a silly thing.. But anyways, it ain't silly to me :)

all the best you guys,

Gold said...

eih da? khalas keda? :|

Anyways, why assume the silliness while it is not silly for you? Why not assume that since it is not silly for you then it most probably will not be silly for us, on the contrary we might embrace it as something really precious..

just a thought :)

sara said...

fine then.. best wishes on finding out my precious 7970 :)

LuLu...! said...


uuummmm (mesh haye7salek tayeb)...!

sara said...

yya'ni khalas, one is down?

LuLu...! said...

tayeb i got an idea...!


sara said...

tayeb ya setti.. umm.. yeah, it's to do with my personal existance :)

LuLu...! said...







sara said...

i can't seem to find your guess sis?!


Gold said...

your own precious personal existence.. and u say silly?! fe3lan mesh 7aye7sal tayyeb :D

hmm.. it has to do weight or height? or maybe birth date? 7 September 1979, which makes you 3 years older than i am.. Tant Sara..

hmm.. sounds like the 4400 series

any luck for me?

sara said...


bad & good news..

bad news:
none was right..

good news:
you're close..

LuLu...! said...



sara said...

Are u giving up on me now sis? :(

Come on.. Squeeze your mind.. You can do it :)

LuLu...! said...

mmm...alrite thennn...

im leaving now... :(




sara said...

awwwwwwww sis.. Rabinna yeyasarlik :)

I can't wait to meet her :D

salam sweetie :)

Gold said...

I'm still here, scratching my head with a pen :D

sara said...

So no more guesses left?

Gold said...


newp.. *blink blink*

*blink blink*


law mesh 3ayza don't tell, its very much okay *wink*

sara said...

okay.. since you guys tried hard.. And since I'm proud of myself for not letting sis know behind your back Abdo, I'm gonna let you guys know.. You guys earn this, especially for hanging in here for quiet sometime now :)

7970 is the total number of days I've lived eversince I first heard the prophet's name, being whispered into my ear, & through my veins to my hearty heart, by baba's dear voice, until I wrote this piece..

7970 is the total number of days I've lived knowing him while never seeing him..

7970 is now history & more number of days are added since I posted this & stronger feelings are also added towards my beloved RasuluLlah :)

Yalla, I'm gonna go call sis & let her read this :)

Thanks you guys for caring to know my 7970 :)

bigad thanks :)

LuLu...! said...

cant say anything

.... IM JUST SMILING :D ....

(it was fun guessing)

im proud of u sis...!!!

luv u...!!!!


LuLu...! said...

L Y K Y S...!



sara said...


(I know I'm always back-dated when it comes to these stuff :$ )

(anytime ;))

LuLu...! said...




DONT U REMEMBER????? :( :( :( :( :(

sara said...


Gold said...

somehow this brought tears to my eyes, and made me remember Amr Khaled's episode of 3ala khota al habeeb, the episode of the death of our Rasul, Peace and Blessings be upon him, and may we gather in his blessed presence on the day of Judgement with smiles of pride on our faces.. Amen

well, i don't wanna make u speechless again.. so i'm just gonna remain silent for the time being.. only to say that Sara and Lulu deserve one biiiiiiig hug from mama and baba :)

and mama and baba deserve one biiiiiiiiiiiig hug from me for the work they've done so far mashaAllah :)

u prove where others have failed to prove.. I don't know the family that well, but from what I see I can say that you can be the witnesses that the middle lane is being followed by a few, who will become witnesses on the day of Judgment upon those who couldn't much follow it..

a7sabokom 3ala khayr, wa laa ozakky 3ala Allahi a7ad

*big smile indeed*