Thursday, February 14, 2008

D for Delight :)

The text you can see here in this picture is the du’a (supplication) that my dear mrs. K has written for me.. It’s so precious & extremely valuable to me.. She wrote it with her own hand.. I mean what better than this can I have (from her with me), that would stay with me until my time comes? It’s so special! I thought of photocopying it & giving it to all her family members & write a personal note on how special she is to me.. But I don’t think I’m strong enough to do it! My tears are still not dry!! I still can’t believe that I can’t see her no more.. It’s hard for me to feel this way.. What can I do!

Well, I’d like to dedicate this li’l special prayer to
Mr. Angry Husband..

I’ve read your words & feelings today & was so sad to only imagine what you’re going through.. I couldn't even comment.. I can’t do anything to help you or yours, except to pray.. And dedicate this to you.. Please do turn to Allah; for He’s the Only one who Has control over people’s hearts.. This is a special prayer given to me by a special person.. It helps me go through them hard times & I hope it does the same to you :)

And in the midst of this deep sadness, something new happened to me for the first time! Well, one of my closest friends moved to Cairo years ago & lives there now.. I saw her last summer & we try to keep in touch as much as we can.. But I believe distances get through no matter how hard you try.. A distance is a distance & will always remain as a distance.. No matter what people come up with.. Anyways, we haven’t talked for a while.. Last night, I had a beautiful happy dream of me being in this party that was hosted by her mom & she (my friend) was wearing a beautiful long grey dress & her mom was so happy that she was almost flying while serving her guests the drinks & all.. The atmosphere was very delightful (that’s my name, sara = delight ;) ).. So I sent her an e-mail as soon as I woke up telling her of my dream & guess what she says: “
are you psychic or something????????? i forgot to tell sis is getting engaged tom!!! (friday 15)!!!!and it's going to be at our house and we will be wearing nice dresses!! LOOOLL!!! that's sooo weird!!
”.. This has never happened to me before! I called them & her mom didn’t believe it.. She got even happier :)

May Allah fill all our hearts with true delight.. Amen :)


Maryam said...

I dont know whether i should be saying this or not. but the same thing happened to me once too ................. :-D

Ameenvon your duas at the end.
Err ....... Whats that dua ? May we get it ?

sara said...

WOW! & didn't it feel special? :)

what du'a are you talking about dearie, that you want me to get you?

Gold said...

MashaAllah that's a really deep supplication..

really deep, and sums up some of the most important things one has to always be asking to have from Allah SWT.. the heart is something controlled only by Allah, and the Will power to remain on the right track is also an element in the heart..

Wanna talk more indeed about this dream you had.. U know about the Hadith that categorizes dreams? Yeah i do recall mentioning it earlier, anyways clear dreams are indicators of tongues that speak the truth, may we all be of those..

I think Maryam here needs a translation for the Duaa?

With Respetto ofcourse

H-F-blady said...

Hello sara:)
really, i do like ur blog :)
Im sure i will come back again and again


sara said...

May we be of them Abdo.. & may Allah reward mrs. K.. Amen.

And maryam, here.. I'll try to translate her prayer as good as I can:

"Oh Allah, I ask You to grant me stability in my matters & the strong will to do what's good (sane)..
And I ask you to grant me the proper manner in worshiping you & expressing gratitude to You in the best of ways..
And I ask You for a truthful tongue & a healthy heart..
And I ask You for all that's good, that You know of & seek refuge in You from all that is bad, that You know of.."

That was a really bad translation though, but I did the best i can :$

SubhanAllah! I knew when I read "blady" that you'd be from morocco, tunisia or algeria! I love your accents people :) I can't tell the difference between those three accents though, but to me they sound so cute!
Welcome to my life :)

UTP said...

I think your readers could have used the meaning of that dua...

sara said...

you think?

H-F-blady said...

Lol, there is a difference between all those countries ;)
but there are closed especially between morocco and algeria :)

sara said...

ye'ayshisk :)

Maryam said...

Oh Thank you so very much Sara, That was very sweet of you.

I even want you to write me either here or send me an e-mail the Dua in Roman english. That dua isnt very clear to me and i dont want to commit any mistake reading it. Will you ??

Thanks in advance.

sara said...

I can't seem to find your e-mail address on your bloggy sweetie?

Qwaider قويدر said...

Sara, I talked to Angry husband, and he's in Jordan now and too busy with "stuff" .. I'm hoping for the best for him

sara said...

I'm hoping for the best for him too :)

(: Thanks a million Qwaider :)

Gold said...

Five days without a new post!?

That is too much! :|

Except for that in my blog, which i will reply to later inshaAllah today.. but.. please?

sara said...

Oh Abdo.. Now I'm gonna get a big head & if I get a big head, my heart will have to shrink.. And the world mish na'saa one more shrinking heart :)

Gold said...

el 3aql el saleem fel gesm el saleem

and if the gesm saleem means having a heart that is not saleem, then i'll be damned :D

brains and hearts in Muslims grow together, given the attachment to the Creator, the One and Only!

still waiting :P

sara said...

Now you've made me speechless AGAIN! How can I post something now?


wonders said...

hey girl, guess what?
you have been tagged!

sara said...

alrighty then ;) will do inshaAllah missy :)

hemlock said...

hey-lo :)
thanks for posting the lyrics for "into the night"... dropped in to see your blog. loved it :) it's sweet and honest.
if only life could be so... not complicated :)

sara said...

if only..

welcome aboard :)