Thursday, February 07, 2008

A watched pot,

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never boils.. That’s right.. And sadly, that’s what nearly each one of us does.. Watching our pots.. I mean, we could do something else, we could make ourselves of use, but NO.. All we do is sit & watch the pot & wait for it to boil.. Don’t tell me “there’s nothing else to do”; ‘cuz there’s ALWAYS something there for us to do.. Just take a second & look around you instead of watching the pot.. I’m sure it’ll hate you if you carry on starring at her (“pot” is a feminine, right?) that way.. I’ve talked earlier about the difference between patience & not having an option.. A huge difference there.. Don’t think that I am “miss patience” of the world.. I’m so not.. Look at me, I can’t wait to see Khuzama’s race today.. Just can’t wait.. There’s nothing I could do about that.. I could just write over here until I see her ;) No no, seriously now, we really gotta give a li’l more.. I don’t see us using our potentials.. You got potentials, you CAN DO IT!

Talking of potential, I have this unbelievable ability in using my sense of smell! I got in this room & smelled these really yummy flowers.. They were these small white flowers, star-like shaped, with the most beautiful olive colored petals ever! I can’t get them of my mind! I wish I could find out their names.. Who named them anyways?! Why don't I name them then? But I'll have to think about that.. And if I name them & later on ask for them, no florist will be able to know what I'm talking about :( Plants are so very extremely delicate.. They totally get along with nature & despise anything to do with our hands.. We put our hands in something & that’s the end of it.. Can’t we just calm down a li’l & give a space for our surroundings?

Yesterday, I got to listen to this amazing talk by Moez Masoud.. It consisted of two parts: 1
& 2.. (It was in arabic though, if you're interested in listening to his english talks, you could go here..) And after it was over, sis asked me if I love Allah more than my parents.. I was totally sure that I do (it's just that you can't compare the love of Allah to the love of His creatures..).. And it felt so good & real.. I loved that moment very much.. Thanks for asking sis :) And since we’re talking about you now, let me tell the others of your other question.. Well, my one & only sis was wondering what would we do if we had the ability to say all we want to everyone & it’ll all be forgotten in the very next day? I enjoyed thinking about it for a while.. I recommend you do too.. The good part about doing that, is that by answering this question sincerely, you’d be able to tell if your heart is a good healthy one or not :) Talking of healthy hearts, I did this very healthy thing & felt fabulous about it :D No showing offs here.. I just wanna share its sweet taste, that’s all.. Well, I was about to backbite & let something off my chest, but paused for a second & modestly didn’t.. The hard part here is that I truly NEEDED to let it off my chest.. But I didn’t! And it felt gooooooooood!!

One last message before I go:

To the pathetic thief,

Well, I just wanted to say that I feel so sorry for you & wish you had a different life!!


Anonymous said...

You've been tagged for Book Meme

sara said...

will do inshaAllah :)

Anonymous said...

Salaam Alaikum Sara,

you're so right,we've got to use more of our potentials :)!
By the way,I'm proud of you for not backbiting.That's so cool!
I mean,I sometimes find myself backbiting,but I really try not to do it anymore.If you don't backbite you're free,because nothing can come back at you.

Till next time!
Kisses from the sunny Slovenia!

sara said...

alaiky assalam sweetie..

well :D Im so glad for not backbiting :D


until next time,
hugs from my beautiful clear Abu Dhabi :)

It's 14 degrees celsius right now.. And the new moon says hello :) I guess it's also new at ur end.. haha

Gold said...

Alhamdulillah Sara for this, a rare clear moment of choice.. rarely does one watch himself making the right choice nowadays..

mashaAllah may He keep increasing you all the time..

The pot is mutating, it is turning into an "2olla".. lol

sara said...

AlhamduliLlah Abdo.. it felt really pure :)

LOL.. I was thinking of changing it to a "watched kettle never boils" (since we're on the quick phase now..).. lol.. but i thought maybe it won't be understodd..

I really love ullas :)