Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Have you ever driven a car with no rear mirror?

A couple of days ago, my uncle called me from the balcony; to see how the moonlight was magnificently reflected in the beautiful salty gulf waters.. I went to the balcony & stared & stared for a few brief moments.. It was wonderful.. Very enchanting.. I don’t really like to stare into the ocean at night though, but the moonlight was incredible that night (this is coming from a person who hates the darkness! I can’t even sleep in the absolute darkness, I get frightened..).. However that very night, I sensed this ummm, what word can I use.. ummm, this serenity in the air.. It was very soothing.. It was as if the whole world was held still & only the waves were dancing in the moonlight..

I love our balacoonah (from Italian “balcone”).. I love what I can see in & from our balcony.. In our balcony, there are these lovely plants that (like any other plant) lose their flowers in winter.. They look sad in winter.. But the good part is that they get new flowers & leaves by the end of each winter.. From our balcony, I can see the blue sky in the sea.. The sea looks so lovely at dawn & very sad & almost cold at sunset.. Can you tell the difference between dawn & sunset time?

Pudding made me this yummy hotdog sandwich last night & brought it to me.. I didn’t ask him to make me one.. He just came up to me with the sandwich behind his back telling me “surpise :D” I was almost gonna eat him.. I don’t know about you guys, but these things mean the world to me! Thank you puddingy :) You’re my man ;)

People are different, things like that affect me.. BIG TIME.. But others may not be affected at all!! There’s this interesting Arabic proverb that means: “If it wasn’t for the different tastes, goods would last forever (i.e. never get sold out)..”.. It’s so true.. I hated that dress we saw the other day so much & made fun of it.. But if everyone hated it, who'd buy it?! I don’t understand how my friend would ever think that I could marry that dude!! But when you come to think about it, some other girl would love to share her life with him! It’s like that.. That’s how life goes..


everybody here is out of sight

they don’t bark and they don’t bite

they keep things loose they keep it tight

everybody’s dancing in the moonlight

dancing in the moonlight

everybody’s feeling warm and bright

its such a fine and natural sight

everybody’s dancing in the moonlight

we like our fun and we never fight

you cant dance and stay uptight

its a supernatural delight

everybody was dancing in the moonlight

~ Written by Sherman Kelly in 1968 ~


david santos said...


sara said...

What is?

Gold said...

They say that there is magic in the sea.. and I say that there are a lot of frightening things that the sea can do.. given my dreams..

The sea could provide huge waves and eat the land, eh? the sea can be as dark as darkness itself with a lot of unseen creatures down there and up there.. heh.. anyways.. for me personally the sea discharges me.. renovates me.. by just looking at it in the morning, or at night.. specially at Alexandria where we have our sea balcony with the sort of air that restores the spirit (yerodd el ro7)... the thing about seeing the sea waves breaking is the idea of eternity.. the waves keep on following one another without the possibility of seeing them stop doing that.. it sort of restores my mind.. keeps it concentrating on one particular idea and building on it from there..

heh (again mesh 3aref leih)

well.. Dawn, high hopes and new beginnings.. out of the mosque at dawn is a sensational feeling.. not a sound but my own footsteps, and my clear conscience with a hope for a day better than the one before it..

sunset is the dawn of war, among a battle of survival in the busy happenstances of the working day.. or the calm ending of a sorry-ful day, sweat is drying and breathing gets back to normal again.. the vibrant small aches of body joints after the effort of the day.. mama i'm coming home.. mama warms lunch, mama asks us about our day at the club.. our villa's rooftop and a small plastic cassette player, discussions about the future and what is to come..


don't expect you to grasp all those sentences.. but somehow i think you will be able to relate.. somehow..

The best of days for your teenage mutant ninja self :)

sara said...

My phone is ringing & I just ignored it trying to understand how can you have this ability to put those feelings into those words! MashaALlah, you have this great thing with words that I've always wished to have..

What do you mean by I might relate? I COULD TOTALLY RELATE TO EACH & EVERY WORD.. (except for that last teenage thing.. I didn't quiet get that!)

"Restores the spirit".. What a beautiful expression!

"Sunset is the dawn of war" How TRUE! Sadly though.. Sadly true.. running & running in the wrong direction with the wrong tools :(

I better get that phone now!

Gold said...

tany :$

Teenage.. ur not a teenager? The eighteen thingy made me think that u are (?).. ma3aleina.. :)

Thank you so much again for your encouraging words.. don't think i'm that much of a writer anyway.. people get lost reading what i write most of the time.. and besides, i talk too much :)

Mucho repectanio

sara said...

Nope, I'm not a teenager.. 7970 days? HELLO?

WAllahi you have so much potential & I totally believe in you :)

molto rispetto,


Salaam Alaikum Sara :),

I am just passing by to say hi...I am sorry I do not manage to read your post.I hope you are fine and I send you a stromg hug!

Till next time!

sara said...

Walaiky assalam dear natasha :)

Thanks a lot for passing by.. Just needed to know that all is fine with you :)

Thanks for the hug :) That was a real tight one.. *mmmwah*

See you soon inshaAllah :)