Tuesday, February 12, 2008

~ Blossom & Bloom ~

She’s the untouched wildflower.. She’s always been surrounded by her loved ones & has learned from them how to survive on her own, but first & foremost, learned how to really live by her very native God given conscience.. She’s always learned that she’s accountable only to God & will be asked one day on
all it is that she’s done.. She was the one & only witness of her engraved intentions & had the only power to straighten & direct them.. However, & in spite of her affectionate upbringing, she’s always had this void that kept on growing on her.. This small cold hole in her heart that was getting deeper & deeper with each passing day..

Well, she has many garments & her favorite one is this garment of God-consciousness that she wears all the time.. It helps her with her daily struggles & lightens her way through the dark nights.. It also protects her from her own-whispering-self.. But she knows that there is a very important missing garment that she needs to get cloaked with.. It is this comforting, loving & warmth-embedded garment.. She’s heard of it throughout her life, but she’s hardly seen it worn by any of her fellow wildflowers.. The garments they wore were feeling rough & tough all the time, eventually either killing them by stopping their flourishing, or causing a real damage to their flowering buds..

Every dawn she prays.. Prays, pleads & asks her Creator who’s closer to her than her own veins.. She asks for this garment, that’s unlike all the other garments that she’s seen.. She prays to remain untouched until the right garment comes & cloaks her with its protection & endless love..
She's thankful for all she has & enjoys the morning breeze that comes to her with every new day :)
* Inspired by UM *


Maryam said...

Very beautiful way to aware everyone of which garment is the best for us and should be the most dear to us.

sara said...

im glad you liked it.. thanks maryoomy :)

Unique Muslimah said...

awwwww, beautiful! :) So glad ...

sara said...


Bella Crystal said...

Very beautiful indeed,and so deep.Thanks for sharing it.

The title of your blog reminds me of the song Edellweiss from Sound of Music,which is so dear to me.And it makes me so happy that the children in Sound of Music got the good frauline as a step-mom, that, truly loved their dad and them,it's a true story,you know.

sara said...

awwwwwwwww bella, I'm soooo flattered :)

(: lovely story indeed :)