Friday, October 02, 2009

First Friday In October :D


I'll never forget that night I spent with daddy working on this art project for my arts class: a vase with flowers.. How accurate & talented daddy always is! I wish I can have that from him! The thing is, I can be somehow accurate if I train myself, but never be talented like him.. Or like any one else.. It comes with birth, I believe.. I love the way he does everything, no matter how small it can be.. He always always does his BEST! Bless your heart daddy <3

Yeah, so I don't know about you guys, but for me, everytime I'm in the car alone, going from a place to another, I can't help but think of others, who might be going to the very same place at the very same time, but can't get a ride!!!! I wish there would be something that I can do about that.. Like I can't help but think of the empty seats in my car & the many others who need it! Of course, in this world, people would freak out if I stop to offer them a ride.. Dad used to do that by the way.. But not always did others understand.. I really wish something can be done about that.. I think it'd make our world a btter one, don't you think? And if you do, any suggestions?

One last thought, on gyms.. Yup! I always thought about gyms.. A gym is a very useful place, helping others to feel more comfortable with the body they're in.. But I always had this thought in my mind, and don't know how it can be put into action.. I'll just share it.. For muslim women who do wear the hijab, it'd be a li'l uncomfortable jogging in public, so gyms then would come in handy.. Or even treadmills at home, like for me, or a ladies club, like the one we have here in the U.A.E. (however, it isn't available in all countries), we're lucky to have it here.. But for men, my thought goes.. Well, I always think that instead of men running on a treadmill or lifting up weights in a gym, it'd be better if they do it out there while helping others! Like for instance, help with weights that need to be lifted for someone who can't, in a regular basis.. Or run as well in the service of something that needs to be done.. And so, running or lifting weights will help one's body, while also helping someone else! I know it's a weird thought, but I've had it for so long! Dunno really!

I guess I'm starting to blabber now, so gooooooood night everyone & SMILE, 'cuz it's the World Smile Day, and 'cuz God loves it when you do :)

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