Monday, October 12, 2009

His Secret..

Secrets.... They're always a load, no matter how tiny they might seem.. Some know how to dissolve a secret within themselves.. And others sink with any secret they carry..
I've always hated secrets; I hate having my OWN secrets! I strive to be as bright as the sun, but it can never be.. Sometimes, one can float really, be lighter than a feather, but OTHER times DO come, whether they're welcomed or not.. They come without knocking & try to pull you down, to the deepest well.. I don't know where floating back again to the surface comes from.. Does it come from faith? love? hope? or what? I don't really know!

Goldy (a li'l angel I teach), came up to me today with all the seriousness in the world & said: "Miss, I wanna tell you a secret, but don't tell the Arabic teacher.." I said: "Go ahead honey.." He looked around & whispered: "Well miss, I didn't get enough sleep last night.. So today, in the Arabic period, I slept for a few seconds without meaning to, & my turn came to answer a question & I woke up exactly at the right time & answered correctly!! And the teacher didn't notice, how odd is that!".. I gave him this big smile & without thinking, my response was: "You know why Goldy? 'Cuz God Knew how tired you were, & wanted to save you from getting yelled at.." His eyes twinkled with joy & he said: "Thank God Miss!"..

Thank You God.. Thank You Ya Allah.. Thank You for always saving us without us knowing.. Thank You for saving us from our secrets.. Thank You for saving our secrets from being spilled & breaking us.. Thank You! I praise You with all my soul, heart, mind & body..


Anonymous said...

...always saving us without us knowing...
I believe in this very much :)!
I trust in God.
Sara,i don't want to go down that road again,but still I've got to tell you :) my room I have a statue from Willow Tree.
Ma sister :)!

Anonymous said...

Oh...I found the song I was telling you abour in the comment to your previous post :).I didn't know about the singer either.
Here's the link:


sara said...

I'm sooooooooo proud of you for trusting in Him! Way to go <3

As for Willow Tree, you gotta be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I L O V E W I L L O W T R E E <3

Susan Lordi is sooooooooo gifted!

This is for you:

Love You <3

P.S. Lyrics are hmmmmmmm ;) Wanna flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy......... Shall we?

Anonymous said...

Of course,far above the sky :)!

Anonymous said...

Yes, al7amdulillah 3la kol 7aal