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Hmmmmmmmmm, before I start, I'd like to buy you all this yummy freezing cold "Only Chilis" drink! You don't find this glass except there, in Chilis (the miracles maker ;) )..


Wishes: A tag by dear Jasmina :)

I should share three of my life wishes and choose 6 bloggers to tag.. Well, let's start with the wishes first..

In this life, God Has already helped us in even knowing what to wish for - the goals we should set - and they are three:

1. Worshiping Him..

2. Growing this world into a better one..

3. Purifying ourselves..

I've done my research long ago on them three, and with days, they've become my ultimate wishes for this life..

1. I wish I could really truly worship Him in the perfect way I can through every little and big thing I do..

2. I wish I can help with all the seeds I can help with; to be a part of their growth to become stronger & more giving trees..

3. I wish I can cleanse my soul, heart, mind & body with all the cleaning detergents I can get my hands on..

As for the 6 bloggers, I tag:

Dearest Ara <3

Asma :)


Maryoomy :)

Maroo :)

Aroosa ;)


So how's your drink so far? Still cold? :D

Yeah, so it's been all about wishes for these past two weeks in school.. The kids have been drawing, writing, acting, singing, reading & putting words together aaaaaaaaaaall for wishes.. Remember last year's wishes, here? So this year has seen similiar wishes with some differences :) Goldy wishes to "control the air.."!!!!!!

You know, one of my wishes was to study nursing! I've always admired the "nursing" nurture that always makes others in a li'l bit of comfort.. But I don't think I'd ever make a good nurse.. I'm just too weak for it.. It takes strength.. Anyways, I just remembered how I wanted to be one when I was a kid.. Btw, I've always had different wishes for when I grow up, but they were all the same, all around giving.. I wish I'd be more of a giver than a taker, but it seems I'm doing the opposite most of the time.. Like I looooove teaching, but I've noticed that I take more than I give while doing so.. They always add things to me, love me, teach me, and I'm not sure if I'm doing the same! I hope to God I am!


So, are you done with your drink? Want another? Or time for some grilled chicken/beef?

One of my dear dear dear sisters, my honey bunny, has been facing some serious problem in her life.. Her mom came home around two weeks ago with this weird look on her face and weird attitude.. She started saying senseless things & wasn't able to eat or drink, 'cuz she didn't remember how to! It turned out to be a brain problem that's causing all this mess.. First, I'd like all of you reading this to pray for her, please.. Secondly, did you ever really really contemplate on how your brain works! Isn't it amazing! It does wonders, without even letting us know!


I went out with one of my close friends a couple of days ago, and she was needing her mother terribly.. Her mom passed away last year & she was strong all through it.. But all she always tells me, is that she needs her mom.. She never talks about "mising" her, only "needing" her, is this considered selfishness? We went to this restaurant and sat there for long not saying anything, but watching Tom & Jerry & laughing all along.. Laughing to all their moves, that we knew were coming! Oh, how li'l things can ease your pains & lift you higher!


So, are you bored already? Done with your drinks & food? Wanna leave? Fine, I'll let you go, but before doing so, I'd like to tell you all that everyday passing you by won't ever come back.. You can keep it in your book of memories, but you can't live it again, so try to take hold of your tongue, for it can drag you waaaaaaaay down.. May Allah forgive me, you & us aaaaaaaaaaaall; for our weakness ain't an excuse!


(: God Bless :)


P.S. Yesterday (writing day at school), I asked the kids to write about a special person they love.. And for me to assign for them a writing composition, I have to write an example for them on the board for them to get help from, & guess who I picked for me? Diggooooooooooooo (grandpa) :) I talked about how he used to stick his tongue out every now and then to make me laugh :) How he loved all kinds of melon & used to eat it until its drops would roll down his arms & wet his dry elbows :) I talked about his stories, their morals & funny corners :) And then I drew them a watermelon slice with its seeds shaped as a smily face that they all wanted to eat :D

I love you diggo <3

May Allah rest your soul & grant you peace on this blessed Friday <3

P.P.S. I picked a cold drink as a good bye symbol to this long summer & a BIG HELLO to this new winter & its warm drinks :)


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