Friday, October 16, 2009

Morning's breeze..

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I love it when:

The white board is wiped & I smell my pen's ink as I write..

The kids wait for me & smile when seeing me..

I wake up with a good thought & live the day with it..

My coffee ain't too hot or cold for me to sip from..

I meet new people & connect with their weirdest sides..

A few words are said from one's heart & make this life worth living..

I don't know what tomorrow has for me..

Amoona sticks to me without wanting a thing..

I hear my songs played in real life in people's faces..

People let others' cars pass before them, when they have the chance not to let them..

Life feels good for no specific reason..

The ocean greets me every morning with its vast beings..

I be me without planning or preparing for it to be..

I know that Wilson found a trustworthy pal who knows how to handle the li'l things before the big ones..

I realize that this place is mine & others find it on their own..

I watch cartoons with amoona..

Everyone plays with Dee out of all other things when they come over..

I wake up every morning & take in its new breeze..


LuLu...! said...

hhhhmmmmppphhh... (-.-)
i hate mornings..

sara said...

Haraaaaaaaaaaam luls, meskeena!

You're missin on a lot!