Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Is this gonna be forever?"


"Is this gonna be forever?" is a question cute li'l David asked his daddy after having his tooth removed.. You can watch him here :)

It was this "funny" feeling he was feeling that he asked his dad about.. Will it last forever?

And I started thinking, the "forever" & "never" concepts are very hard deals to make.. Don't you think?

~ "What can be a forever thing.."

~ "Never say never.."

Are these possible in today's world?

Who knows..





All I can tell you now is that it's never over until your last breath.. It just keeps going, up & down & up & down, it's never a straight line, just like your pulse, it's always up & down....


David also asked: "Is this real life?" Is it people? 'Cuz I have no clue!


"I was blown away

What could I say

It all seemed to make sense.

You've taken away everything

And I can't deal with that.

I try to see the good in life.

But good things in life are hard to find.

I'll blow it away, blow it away

Can we make this something good?"

~ It's not over - Chris Daughtry ~


Anonymous said...

My dear Sara,please excuse me if I don't comment on this post in specific.I'll come backe later to read it and comment it,but now I'm here just to let you know,that you've just been tagged :)!I hope you'll do the tag =) and for details,please check my blog.
Sorry,but I'm so tired at the moment.Kiss,kiss...

LuLu...! said...

lol that vid..
i love it..
i love it when he goes like "ok now.. ok know.. i... i have 2 fingers.." LOL..

3amel zay 2el masreyeen 2el kokooo..

love the pic ;)

Small Blue Thing said...

Maybe what makes life so hard sometimes is that we do know it is not forever.

If it would last forever, every single woman in the Blogsphere would enter Islam thanks to the SoulHeartMindBody effect! ;D

sara said...

I'd love to answer your tag as soooooooon as I get a chance to.. Right now, I need your help in correctin my li'l angels scribbling ;)

I knoooooooooooow :D, he's soooooooo yummy!
And sis, who'll help me with the correction now :( Where are you :'(
I want my lulyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :'(

Dearest of all dear ones <3
You just reminded me of the Power of God's miracles! It's not that I forgot or anything, but sometimes you just "see" blank & need others seeing for you..
Thank you for showing me God's Beauty with your own unique eyes..
You make my world a better one, always!
I love you <3

Anonymous said...

Forever?Never?Hm...I don't know my dear Sara...
It happened to me that I was so sure of the FOREVER thing as well as of the NEVER thing,but I got some nice or bad surprises along the way.I guess everything floats in between.It's good to be prepared for the surprises that come in life - because we can plan and everything,but in the end He has the final word :).
Love you Saretta...anyway I didn't understand with what shall
I help you =)...explain please :).

Anonymous said...

Oh...O.K....I saw the video after I read your post.Funny little boy :D!Once something similar happend to me while I was at the dentist.I don't know what this lady gave me,but girl I tell you I was there right in the middle of it all and I didn't car about the concepts of forever or never :D...I felt so dizy :D!It was like being in the real center of the universe :D!
Saretta you always seem to find the right video ;)!

Anonymous said...


Long time me no check Your blog. It is as good as ever, maybe even got better :)

Will be doing more visiting soon isA!

sara said...

Jasmina/Natashaaaaaaaa :)

Oh dear, I wish us fair surprises in this life we're living, I don't ask for happy ones, 'cuz it'll be too much for me, and i surely don't seek the sad ones.. Just fair surprises :)

I'm sure they're always gonna be fair, simply 'cuz HE'S GOT THE FINAL WORD, ain't that a relief :D



Oh My My! Loooooooooooong time missy :)

I'm so glad you still remember me, 'cuz I always remember you <3

You're aaaaaaaaaaaaalways welcome on board honey :D