Wednesday, October 07, 2009

~ s o r e l y ~


I'm so sore! But the good news is, I can pinpoint the 'why' ;)

Well, I don't let my guards down ever! Always trying to be stronger than I am, but you know what, it ain't always right! I need to be weak if I am so for a while.. It ain't a crime, is it? Be what I am.. Feel what I feel.. I shouldn't be always right.. Perfectly correct.. Nope.. As a teacher, I always tell the kids it's okay to make mistakes, to be wrong sometimes.. I tell them, I make mistakes, and they go like: "No, you're the teacher miss, you can't..".. But I always say: "I can, 'cuz Im human!".. And so can everyone else.. I even sometimes, intentionally mix up things and say "uh oh, oopsy, sorry guys..".. It's always good to say sorry.. It's a blessing actually.. Giving up is what brings us down.. Big difference there between messing up and fixing things & messing up and giving up, right?

What I did in those past few days is let the windows down! I've always had glass around me blocking me from the world.. It's always good to sniff in some fresh air no matter how humid, sticky, hot, cold, or boring it might seem.. I love this 18 degrees celsius temperature I've been soaking myself in, but I gotta let myself out there every now and then.. Hear the different screams, smell those pungent smells, crash into the unknown.. Don't ya think?

Have a new pungent evening everyone ;)


Anonymous said...

An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

Karim - Positive thinking

sara said...

Thank you!

UTP said...

picture for a million words... beautiful one there...

sara said...