Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Holy Quran expressly declares that the human race is one family. All of us are the children of Adam and Eve, whether our skin is white or black. At various places it says: ?All human beings are a single nation? (2:213). ?All human beings are naught but a single nation and yet they disagree? (10:19). ?And verily this your nation (human beings) is a single nation? (21:92) and (23:52).
The differences in our physical features, colors, complexions, languages, dresses, customs and the ways of living arise due to different climates and geographical territories. Those who settled in hot tropical zones grew to be black, and those who settled in cold climates remained white in their complexion. The people living in hot climates are hot-headed and the people living in cold climate have cold temperament. The diet also affects the color and temperament. The Mongolians, the Semites, the Darvidians and the Saxons took pride in tribalism. The lust for property, power and pelf made one tribe the enemy of the other tribe and led to bloodshed and battles. Such savage and illiterate people fashioned idols with their hands and worshiped natural phenomenon such as the sun, fire, bodies of water and snakes and other elements and creatures which could harm them. They believed that they could obtain protection from such material objects, creatures and elements of nature the river, the snakes and other objects which could harm them. Hence out of fancy and fear they made their gods. But the prophets always guided them and instructed them to worship one God ?

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