Thursday, January 05, 2006

Why don't you just cry me a hand full of tears?

The other day, while going to open the car’s door, I found three kids running towards me from distance, and trying to say something, they were sooooo cute. And behind them was a li’l boy coming towards me as well, but really slowly. So I decided to take out the camera from my purse before they reach to be ready to take some pictures of them…
As soon as they got to where I was standing, three of them started to speak out loudly in the same time… they had a Syrian accent and I couldn’t understand well.
I asked them to slow down and start talking one by one…
To cut this short, all they wanted to say was that, the little one (this cute kiddo in the pic) threw the ball at the car and that I can’t drive ‘cuz it might stop…( they were really worried and really didn’t want me to drive.)
I took a look at the car, and it wasn’t that serious. And while they were talking about what the li’l one did, I took a picture of that sweet li’l one freaking out, worried about what I would do, looking at them saying all those horrible things about him.
Eventually, all I did was asking him for a kiss, and telling the other older kids that I forgive him but not them.
They were like WHY? I told them because of the bad words.
I am in love with that li’l one.

Why does the big fish eat the small ones? Where are the bad fish? Where are the good ones? Who is big, who is small? Who is feeding, or starving, who?

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!

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