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sara said...

This ain’t a love song
This is a live song

Woman, u my equal, my wife
We be tight like
2 perfectly matching calligraphy lines

We don’t wanna build our house of earth, water and stone
But of wisdom, pure intentions, conversation
Compassionate action, with purity of heart
We might get somewhere, become light
Fast and burn like a candle, right
Intertwine, u give me peace of mind
I cloak u and u cloak me
Responsible I feel with honesty
Between us God has put affection and mercy
Praised be He who created u
Cuz all I see in u is beautiful

Woman, u my equal, my wife
We be tight like
2 perfectly matching calligraphy lines
What drew us together
Doesn’t conform to the laws of nature
It is written
There is only One opener for the lock of these things

Amor mío
Te adora como a la más bella estrella fugaz en el cielo
Y cuando me siento sólo, sé que tú me entiendes
Sé que me comprendes
Sueño apoyarme en tu sonrisa
Toma mi mano y ven de prisa
Siempre me imagino Viejo y arrugado
Mis hijos ya crecidos mis nietos a mi lado
Y la luz de luna a revelado
Que tu palpitar es por mi, que siempre a sido asi
He practicado que decir muchas veces
Y cuando Dios lo quiera estaremos frente a frente
Será el momento de embrujarte
Ojalá que en tus ojos me retrates
Que aceptes mi pasado, que mis locuras yo no pague
Yo te prometere mi vida
Aunque la muerte nos separe

[My dearest
I adore you like the most beautiful shooting star in the sky
And when I feel alone I know that you understand me
I know that you comprehend me
I’m looking for comfort in your smile
Let’s hurry, follow me
‘Cuz I’ve always seen myself old and aged
My children grown up, grandchildren by my side
And the moonlight has revealed
That your heart beats for me
And it has always been like that
I’ve practised what to say many times
When God is willing
We’ll stand face to face
That will be the moment to put a spell on you
If only I could slide into your eyes
If only you would see through the past
If only I don’t have to pay for my peculiarities
I’ll dedicate my life to you
Even after death will separate us]

Woman, u my equal, my wife
We be tight like
2 perfectly matching calligraphy lines
What drew us together
Doesn’t conform to the laws of nature
It is written
There is only One opener for the lock of these things

Most definitely in our luv are signs of knowledge
Every dime I spend on u
Is worth more than what I spend on the poor
See patience is the best key to happiness
Continuous, satisfaction, pearls wanna be like u
Intertwine, u are my Sakeena
U protect me and I protect u
Scientifically we be deeper than Al-kindi
Between us God has put affection and mercy
This ain’t a luv song
This is a life song

We going 6 years strong
With no sign of REGRET
With each year we gain in force with ups and downs of course
Yeah my wife is my cousin
And thank God, Faizan my son was born without complications
Hina my love to you is unconditional
Not limited by typical Bollywood scenarios
Or by statistics when problems occur we leave
‘Cause I know t u´ll stay till I no longer will breathe
Or if I’m crippled, blinded or anything else
I know I can rely on u helping my every step
Love is not just limited to butterflies and sex
It’s to recognise and respect each others intellects
Lots of regrets many things we shouldn’t have said and done
But that’s just part of our journey and it’s just begun
Define beauty ‘cause one day looks will fade
But a beautiful mind still be young at an old age
And I know it’s hard me being away for so long
But I respect u so much for being so strong
I remember U being pregnant going to school
Cooking food taking care of my parents and the whole house
All in one something a man could never do no doubt
So I thank my mother for the day she brought us together
And I pray for our reunion in the afterlife forever

Woman, u my equal, my wife
We be tight like
2 perfectly matching calligraphy lines
What drew us together
Doesn’t conform to the laws of nature
It is written
There is only One opener for the lock of these things

sara said...

"Among His signs is (the fact) that He has created spouses for you from among yourselves so that you may console yourselves with them. He has planted love and mercy between you; in that are signs for people who reflect" (30:21)

This is a very important definition of the relationship between man and wife. They are expected to find tranquility in each other's company and by "love and mercy". Such a description comprises mutual care, consideration, respect and affection.
Faith: The love Muslim spouses have for each other is for the sake of Allah that is to gain His pleasure. It is from Allah that we claim our mutual rights (Quran 4:1) and it is to Allah that we are accountable for our behavior as husbands and wives.

It sustains: Love is not to consume but to sustain. Allah expresses His love for us by providing sustenance. To love in Islam is to sustain our loved one physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually, to the best of our ability (to sustain materially is the husbands duty, however if the wife wishes she can also contribute)

Accepts: To love someone is to accept them for who they are. It is selfishness to try and mould someone as we wish them to be. True love does not attempt to crush individuality or control personal differences, but is magnanimous and secure to accommodate differences.

Challenges: Love challenges us to be all we can, it encourages us to tap into our talents and takes pride in our achievements. To enable our loved one to realize their potential is the most rewarding experience.

Merciful: Mercy compels us to love and love compels us to have mercy. In the Islamic context the two are synonymous. The attribute Allah chose to be the supreme for Himself is that He is the most Merciful. This attribute of Rehman (the Merciful) is mentioned 170 times in the Quran, bringing home the significance for believers to be merciful. Mercy in practical application means to have and show compassion and to be charitable.

Forgiving: Love is never too proud to seek forgiveness or too stingy to forgive. It is willing to let go of hurt and letdowns. Forgiveness allows us the opportunity to improve and correct our selves.

Respect: To love is to respect and value the person their contributions and their opinions. Respect does not allow us to take for granted our loved ones or to ignore their input. How we interact with our spouses reflects whether we respect them or not.

Confidentiality: Trust is the most essential ingredient of love. When trust is betrayed and confidentiality compromised, love loses its soul.

Caring: Love fosters a deep fondness that dictates caring and sharing in all that we do. The needs of our loved ones take precedence over our own.

Kindness: The Seerah (biography) of our beloved Prophet is rich with examples of acts of kindness, he showed towards his family and particularly his wives. Even when his patience was tried, he was never unkind in word or deed. To love is to be kind.

Grows: Marital love is not static it grows and flourishes with each day of marital life. It requires work and commitment, and is nourished through faith when we are thankful and appreciative of Allah blessings.

Enhances: Love enhances our image and beautifies our world. It provides emotional security and physical well being.

Selflessness: Love gives unconditionally and protects dutifully.

Truthful: Love is honesty without cruelty and loyalty without compromise.

Jawwad S said...

hmmm.. gud work.. keep it up


Where do you live in Abu Dhabi? I've got fmaily there. I just got back from visiting them a couple of weeks ago.

Fahd Mirza said...

Thanks for dropping by to my blog. It was an hounor for me.

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sara said...

honour honor honour honor...

sara said...

Consider the following ten points to control the instinct of dispute and maintain a happy marriage.

1\Fear Allah: It was the noble practice of Nabi (SAW) to conscientise the spouses about the fear for Allah before performing a Nikah by reciting the verses (Nisa v14, Ahzab v69, Aali-Imraan v101) from the Quraan. All the verses are common in the message of Taqwa (fear of Allah). The spouses will be first committed to Allah before being committed to their partner. There can be no doubt in the success of a marriage governed by the fear of Allah.

2\Never be angry at the same time: Anger is the root cause for all marital disputes. One Sahabi came to Rasulullah (SAW) and sought some advice. Rasulullah (SAW) replied, control your anger. The same advice was rendered three times. (Mishkaat pg.433; HM Saeed)

3\If one has to win an argument, let it be the other: Nabi (SAW) said: “Whoever discards an argument despite being correct shall earn a palace in the centre of Jannah. (Ibid pg.412)

4\Never shout at each other unless the house is on fire: Luqman (AS) while offering advice to his son said: ” and lower your voice for verily the most disliked voice is that of a donkey”. (Surah Luqman v19)

5\If you have to criticize, do it lovingly: Rasulullah (SAW) said, ‘A Mu’ min is a mirror for a Mu’min.’ (Abu Dawud vol.2 pg.325; Imdadiyah) Advise with dignity and silently.

6\Never bring up mistakes of the past: Nabi (SAW) said: “Whoever conceals the faults of others, Allah shall conceal his faults on the day of Qiyaamah.” (Mishkaat pg.429; HM Saeed)

7\Neglect the whole world rather than your marriage partner:Nabi (SAW) confirmed the advice of Salman to Abu-Darda [RA] for neglecting his wife. “Verily there is a right of your wife over you.” (Nasai Hadith2391)

8\Never sleep with an argument unsettled: Abu Bakr [RA] resolved his dispute with his wife over-feeding the guests before going to bed. (Bukhari Hadith 602)

9\At least, once everyday, express your gratitude to your partner: Nabi [sallallaahu alayhi wasallam] said, ‘Whoever does not show gratitude to the people has not shown gratitude to Allah.’ (Abu Dawud pg.662; Karachi)

10\When you have done something wrong, be ready to admit it and ask for forgiveness: Nabi [sallallaahu alayhi wasallam] said, ‘All the sons of Aadam commit error, and the best of those who err are those who seek forgiveness.’ (Tirmidhi Hadith 2499)