Tuesday, May 30, 2006


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"The world seems so quite. But I can see the smoke. Something’s still burning somewhere, I can smell it. I don’t like it. Is this what my life is all about? Putting out fires? Taking care of and looking after burnt dreams and expectations? Scraping, polishing, makin’ ‘em look shiny and ready for another fire, another slap in the face, another hook under the chin? In boxing, they say that everybody’s gotta plan until they are hit. Boxing can be so much like life, I never figured. Mohammad Ali whopped everybody’s ***, claimed supremacy over all and any, and nowadays finds it hard to life his arm. But he does it with a smile, a real fighter, fighting whatever life throws his way; hook, jab, jab, duck, upper cut, you’re done!
I need a plan. So I can get hit and realize my plan sucks. Nope.
I need vision. So I know where I want to go. So any number of hooks and uppercuts may throw me down, but never throw me off.
I need persistence. Resilience. Back at ya, suckers.
And for my vision and persistence to work, I need Faith. We all need to look up towards something once in a while, and for good reason. I need Faith like a priest needs a Sunday. Ha haaaaa. My vision is to be based on that Faith. The vision of a smiling soul, happily subservient to a Wise God. The vision of victory, with or without the scars. The vision of that inflated chest yet a humbled face, with or without pomp or style.
I need to be better than yesterday. To be better than worst, than bad, better than good. Maybe someday that will take me to being better than best. That is EXACTLY where persistence comes in. Keep on keepin? on!
So I ask myself. Where do I want to go? Where do I want to end up? Hmmm, wrong questions will lead to misplaced answers. So articulate, my friend.
What do I want? Bliss of a smiling soul? What about worldly successes? Want that? Yes. Do you think both can come together? Soulful bliss coupled with worldly success? Haan? What books have you been reading? Haan? These two are INDIRECTLY proportional; get more of one to have less of the other. What makes you think you can have both?

The same thing that got me this far. That is what makes me thing that I can have both. I asked the Mighty Giver, and Lo and Behold my friends, I got it. I am clear that a smiling soul is top priority, and if I ever have to decide between worldy successes and a smiling soul, I will choose ? God be willing ? soulful bliss. And thanks to this exercise in therapeutic writing, I am now going to go ahead and define ? no, REDEFINE soulful bliss.A smile at the end of each day. Smile of contentment. A full, hearty smile. When I am sitting alone in my room, I want to be in a position genuinely thanking God for all that HE has given me."



Small Blue Thing said...

The Holy Quran teaches us that, at the same time we look for spiritual life, it's also important having a good living here on Earth.

The Great Question is to balance... ;)

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mashallah great posts :)