Thursday, May 11, 2006


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Through the mirror of my mind

Time after time

I see reflections

Reflections of

The way life used to be

As I peer through the window

Of lost time

Looking over my yesterdays

I thought I'd done my best to memorize


I need to believe

In my heart of hearts of hearts




sara said...

Can you believe it? or belief it?

Can you?

Can you belief it? Seriously, can you? Can you believe in God? Yes you say? If you say No, I dont believe in God” then we need to talk. Seriously. We do. Been there, dont that…so I know the answers that you are looking for. Trust me…

And if you DO beliefn God and His Eternal Presence, then you got a thing comin your way! Me.

What is belief anyways? or Faith? Logic and its study dictates that the difference between Belief and Faith is that Faith requires no validation. Whereas belief has got to do more with ‘conviction’ based on ‘facts’. Come to think of it, those ‘facts’ can be beliefs themselves. What you consider as a fact maynot be a fact but only your assumtions and preconceptions; a belief.

But what is belief? Belief as stated earlier is the conviction on a certain hypothesis. The hypothesis can be “I am a human being” - I believe that and have belief in that…tho you may differ. “There is ONE GOD, the Ultimate and Supreme Creator” is another hypothesis. Do you believe that? You do?

What if someone says that you are not a believer in God, whereas you think you are. What do you do? How can you prove that you believe? What if that someone is you yourself. In your attempts at being objective and impartial at all levels of thought, you ask yourself about your belief. you question them. What proof is there that you - yes, you - believe in God? Is there any? Is sayin’ it enough? Yes? Or you gotta do it, day in day out…do what you ask? well, do what God tells His believers to do. Pray, Fast, Perform, Give and Believe! Do you do all of that on a regular enough basis to convince yourself? Do you?

Who am I talking to, may I know? Like I said, been there, done that…this is almost as boring as 2 plus 2. Its boring, but the results may or may not imply interesting things! Heh.

sara said...

Inside The Memories, inside my head my memories lost i cannot breathe again I just can't fall inside my head, conversations lost don't know where it began Just a broken thought, just a life just a .........