Friday, May 19, 2006


Listening to it have always made me feel soooooo happy...
The words hit you like a lightning bolt and changes your entire mood.
It really lifts my spirit...
It's just that I don't really get what the word means?!
"Reggada" ?
But I certainly love it... It's one of the best song lyrics I've ever heard...
It’s a song that gets stuck in your head and plays in your mind as background music all day long. Something that keeps you going.
May Allah grant us happiness... Amen.


sara said...

(Taibi says something in arabic)
Rooh, rooh ya akhi Isam
Moro's in here! YES

Yo. Yeah I got all my moros up in here tonight
Gon’ celebrate a brother is getting married - that´s tight!
I just got off work and I´m ready to eat
Ain’t dressed nice
Guess it´s the thought that counts, kid
Now pass that chicken with zitoun, eggs and djuzz
Fresh bread for me, fresh bread for u
Followed by the tea with na3na3 and suga
Shout out to the mothers who are behind this dinner
Let’s go!

Lalla (Lalla) jibi lbalgha l moulay sultan
Mamma (mamma) oujdi djellaba ou selham
Lalla lalla serjou aoudi ou aatiouni lejam
Mamma (mamma) laarfa laaba ou lbaroud kheddam

[Bring slippers for the bride
Prepare djellaba and the jacket
Saddle up the horse and hand me the bridle
The music plays and everybody is dancing]

A-reggada! A-reggada! A-raggada! A-reggada! A-reggada!

We got all my moros in here
And we’ll be ready to eat right
Put your hands up way high
Now where’s the bread at

Corazones palpitando esta noche estamos congregados
Esta noche estamos celebrando esta fiesta
Mágica, poética
El pacto eterno respeto a la vida le da
Apartir de ahora, Comienza otra vereda
Lecciones de otro tipo, besos sin fronteras
Las miradas de cariño, pegadas al cielo ya se pueden quedar
Ya estás tienen quien les tienda la mano al pasar

[Hearts beating, tonight we come together
Tonight we’re celebrating this reunion
Magical, poetical
The everlasting pact pays respect to life
From now on it takes a new direction
With new kinds of lessons and limitless kisses
Looks of affection are forever pasted to the sky
‘Cuz now they have someone to be carried by]

Lalla (lalla) saadi tayehni felli nebghi
Rani khayef nrouh ma nouelli
Lalla (lalla) zahri tayehni fi bent ennass
Mamma (mamma) dertha fi galbi warda fi lkass

[With my fortune I’ll meet the one I love
I’m afraid to leave and never come back
With my fortune I’ll fall for the girl
I took her to my heart like a rose in a vase]

Reggada! Reggada! Reggada! Reggada! Reggada!

We got all my moros in here
And we’ll be ready to eat right
Put your hands up way high
Now where’s the bread at

1 for the
2 for the
3 for the
The weddings over
We got one thing to go
Everyone jump in your cars
Hit the road
Bride and groom in front
20 cars behind
Ain’t gon’ overtake us man take u time
Windows down music high
Disturbing the night
All the cars got emergency lights
Even the police ain’t givin’ us trouble
We started out 20 and now the number is doubled

We got all my moros in here
And we’ll be ready to eat right
Put your hands up way high
Now where’s the bread at...

Small Blue Thing said...

Sounds nice...

By the way, I looked forward the spanish singer you told me, but I have n't been able to find anything about... :(

Love and salams

mujahideen ryder said...

i like that song so much i also made a post, i put the song up:

sara said...