Wednesday, January 24, 2007

(: Bismillah :)

Just got your box dearest.. This is way too much.. Couldn’t stop my tears from flowing for like 10 minutes..I couldn’t even call you, nor message you.. What would that do!! You’ve always inspired my soul, touched my heart, heartened my mind.. & this time will patch up my body with he nuts & chocolates ;).. I don’t wanna open ‘em chocolates, unlike the Hamdy’s, they’re dying to.. Wanna keep ‘em as they are.. Maybe have ‘em with you sometime!! Don’t really know what to do with you li’l deep blue soul?! Wallahi too much.. All I can say is Wa alaiky assalam wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuHu:).. I’ve always prayed for you & always will inshaALlah.. I’ll never forget how much I prayed for you right in front of the Ka’bah & right after that heard the news.. Allahu Akbar.. Allah is sooooooo Kareem.. He’s Al-Noor.. Love you forever :) Thank you so much.. Thank you forever.. Thank you until we meet Him & you get your reward inshAllah.. Amen.

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