Monday, January 29, 2007

NO for indifference!! NO!!

Well, I took this photograph almost six months ago through the planes’ little window.. It was while we were taking off.. Everything was passing by so quickly.. So I paused in this petite shot; as I discovered that somewhat something ain’t right.. Something significant.. And that would be the l i f e we’re living.. The dealings we have everyday.. The priorities we consider.. What? What? What is it we want? And why ‘desire’ all the time.. ‘Enough’ is gone form our vocabulary lists.. Kefaya isn’t there anymore..
Life is what you make it.. Try fixing it all you souls out there.. Put things in place.. Don’t know if you’ve ever watched this Egyptian movie “hysteria” –I’m not encouraging that by any means, ‘cuz there are some things that you shouldn’t see (like unveiled women etc..)-.. There is this part I never forget, & that was when Ahmed Zaki found out that his bro's doing haram; so around dawn he stood next to the window & said “Dad used to sit here and say ‘Oh God cover our faults & don’t scandal us’ ” May Allah have mercy upon his soul & grant him(ahmed zaki) jannah.. Amen. And all muslims.. Amen.
Disgrace doesn’t come knocking at our doors, we invite it.. With all fancy greeting cards..
I wish money wasn’t there.. Wish everyday would bring along it’s own goodness with hard work.. Wish our fridges would be empty by the end of each day, and everyday would be a new one, with it’s new struggle.. Wish women would step back and let men be.. Wish men would stand tall and have more honor.. Wanna see more men of honor.. Where did they go?! Wish to see kids’ innocence again..
I long for hearing more genuine laughs.. Wanna feel the warmth of mothers.. I yearn for tranquility in the houses.. Wanna see more tears shed.. If you wanna cry, cry.. Cry me a river.. Don’t stand there acting as if everything is ok.. No it ain’t okay.. So move and do something..
I only ask of God
He won’t let me be indifferent to the suffering
That the very dried up death doesn’t find me
Empty and without having given my everything


Maqsood Qureshi said...

Don't be so idealistic, silly!

sara said...

I'm not being idealistic.. Am I? & what is silly? Me?

Jannah said...

I'm sick of people's indifference too, Sara. Of them considering tears weakness! There are still kind hearts in this world, and I'm glad you're one of them.

Let us only ask God, to forgive us, protect and help us pass through this "desireful" world safely. Ya Allah!

Яαgιи Яαvєи said...

The other day I decided to count the number of wrong doings that I used to be a part of from the time I wake up and until the time I go to bed at night. Shocking figures I'd tell ya... If only Muslims of today had enough courage to do that everyday.

We do welcome them... greeting cards and the whole nine yards. We think they're desirable. Al Shaytan (na3oozo bellahi menh) makes it all look attractive when the truth of the matter is that it ain't really. He makes us misplace the true meaning of beauty.

fatima said...

well said!

Aladdin said...

Sorry, seems your blog can't read Arabic script!

What Ive written as a comment in your previous post is that you should read the whole Book of the Bible (not a lengthy one by the way), so that you can understand the meaning of the quotation!

As you discovered from, this book is a wisdom-oriented book which is full of reflective, I dare say, sayings on life, old age, death, injustice, etc.

My second request was that you'd better write in Arabic if your mother tongue is Arabic! (Take it an advice, not as a nuance, please!)

Anonymous said...

loved what u wrote

sara said...

Well well well..
Jannah, ya Rabb we would all be considered among those whom have tender hearts & awake consciences..

Raven, beauty is with Him.. & everything to do with His sirat.. Other than that would be a loss.. For all of us.. & a word of advice from your made of clay sister, carry on what you’re doing.. And make sure you have the right suhba.. Keep on counting them.. Until they get fed up and drop off all the way.. I did that.. And will do it inshaAllah.. Oh Allah, don’t judge us by our deeds, but with your mercy..

Fatoom, I’m so glad you passed by again.. Love you fillah..

Aladdin, regarding the text, you know what? I think I’d better not understand it.. Just love the photograph as it is..
And regarding typing Arabic, I suck at that.. But guess what? I’m trying to type more nowadays.. What I do is think of whatever and try typing it.. It’s working for me.. Much better than reading something then typing it! However, regarding my blog, Most of my readers don’t know any Arabic..

Mistsuki, I’m not really sure if I’m saying your name right ;) but thank you! May all I write not only be lovable but change something to the better, Before I leave this world empty handed.. Amen.

sara said...

Btw, brother Aladdin, THANK YOU sooooo much for passing by pudding's bloggy..
You literally made his day..
He was like: "takhayally, aladdin is 30.." And he went to mama: "Mama, wahid ando 30 sana visited my blog".. :)
Wish you would have seen the happiness in his eyes..
He tried commenting back.. But he FORGOT his password.. :)

Maqsood Qureshi said...

You're idealistic. You're silly! You're delusional! LOL This is a bloody savage cutthroat world. You're so naive.

fatima said...

@ maqsood qureshi- smile dear, every one has a different lense to view life. PEACE