Friday, January 26, 2007

P o l e s A p a r t . .

I just found out that sound travels 5 times faster under water than through air!! Life under the sea is so different!! Waaaaaaaay different!! I wish I was a rock, or a water drop.. Wish I was a fish, or a sea weed.. Wish I was an ant or a bird.. I remember how someone always insisted on calling me a humming bird.. Wish I was anything but human.. Not to be judged for all my deeds.. I think of death everyday.. Life ain't fair.. But God is so Fair! May You guide me.. Save me.. Death never scared me really.. It's death of my beloved ones that has always gave me the creeps..I am positive my ending will be a good one.. I have faith in You God.. You won't let me down.. No You won't.. Please.. Ya Allah.. I'm so weak.. I'm nothing.. Protect me.. Let " Ashhadu anna La illaha illa Allah Muhammad rsulo Allah" be easy on my lips and tongue to say.. Let 'em be my last words.. Let my grave be a part of heaven.. Let me lose my eyesight if I'd use it in a haram.. Take my voice if it would be my reason to end up in hell.. No.. Not hell.. God.. Allah.. Illahy.. Not juhnnam.. Don't let me burn.. Burn here on earth but not in Hell.. Save me.. I repent.. From everything.. Let me lose all my senses if they'll go against me on that day.. The day where all will be exposed.. I fear your wrath.. Irda 'anny ya Rabb.. Ya Raheem.. Irhamny.. Ihdiny.. Aghithny.. Tob 'alaya ya Allah.. Irda ya Rabb.. Ostorna gamee'an.. Ostorna bisetrak.. I'fo 'anna.. Cleanse me.. Quench my thirst..