Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mama & MRI..

(MRI) Magnetic Resonance Imaging Of The Brain And Spinal Cord.
That's what they asked mama to do almost two months ago, over here, to find out what her problem is.. And when the time came for the test, she simply COULDN'T!!
~"Why mama?"
~"Well, I couldn't stay in that tube for 30 minutes, I tried twice; but it's like getting into a grave hole sara.."
However, today in some magical way, praise the Lord, she did it.. Miles & miles away from me.. In Cairo, in Egypt, in Africa.. In another different continent.. See the torture I'm in!!
Hope the results come out fine.. Amen.
Please pray for my mama, she's all that is beautiful & real in my existence..
Pray for her.. Please..

PS. I wonder, what are we gonna do down there?! & what our results will look like? InshaAllah great ones.. Amen.


Anonymous said...

May Allah cure her illness & give her more patience during the treatment process.

sara said...


Little 'O' said...

How were the test results? Insha2allah your mom will be better soon and may Allah accept all of our prayers for her.

sara said...

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx so much..