Friday, January 19, 2007

You got it!

"…and in cyberspace, reading all your fascinating blogs, all your thoughts and dreams, all your ideas and memoirs, I have the feeling that I know all of you, from a long time ago, and I am not sure if it is real or not, I had the impression that the beautiful life I was searching for does exist, but inside everyone’s computer, we do share our stories together, we found a common ground for living, we all know what is wrong and what is right, but we do not live it , we do not live our real life, is it the power of a savage society, when I read the mails I receive from all of you, I feel relieved , because you see that there is still hope ,and that there are a lot of good people out there, but where are they in real life, in mails I discovered that there are people that understand what I feel , although they haven’t seen me in their lives, and maybe live thousand miles away , but they are me , they know what is inside me more than my family members do , they are the ideal community if brought together, so why don’t you show yourself to the public , why do we keep it inside ourselves , I traveled to many countries and I have never seen a community like us , we are perfect in listing the faults and disadvantages in our lives, a top-notch criticizer , in every aspect, all the day we talk about the little tiny problems we have , and we know the solutions , but we do not take a single step in solving our problems, or in changing our behavior , is this the sarcastic irony of this era ,so many wonderful people blogging in Egypt and suggesting extraordinary ideas to improve the nowadays condition , yet you don’t see them in your daily life , even if you make a gathering of all bloggers and enlightened people in this country , no one could show it the way he or she does in his or her blog, it is so easy to write I hate my boss but it is so difficult to say it face to face , why can’t we live the life we want in the real life, why are we stuck in this dream world and don’t realize our ambitious goals and hopes, are we afraid of each other, to show what is inside ourselves, not knowing if it is going to be accepted and respected from the other members of the society , is it laziness to be friendly to your fellow citizen and to believe that you have to be the start of this improvement, can we really do what we want to do or are we led by something we don’t know, do we need a short break of life to understand the reality of life , you know sometimes I wish I could start my life again , to write my story in a book of white empty pages , but I know I am living this life , in this century , in this land , with these people , and these circumstances , and nothing can bring me out of it but death, so…"

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