Sunday, January 14, 2007

~ Suave Mente ~

Now I can have suave mente..
Mama's results came out quite fine, & wiped all my terrible thoughts off..
It turned out to be some sorta dryness between two vertebras in her backbone.. She needs not to carry anything heavy & to stay up right..
Seriously, when she's not okay, my mente is never suave..
(: Thanks for all the sincere prayers :)
(: Alhamdulellah :)
PS. My real joy now will be as soon as I get in her arms, God be willing.. Pray she reaches safely..


Majed Jarrar said...

oh great!

7amdella 3assalama for your mom :)

I'm very glad that she is fine il7amdolillah.

[and thanks for passing by to my blog!]

sara said...

Hamdulellah :)
It was greaaaaaaaaat news waAllahi :)
Well, I visited your family's blog, & loved your mom..
I even sent her an email, but she never replied..
I found out about it through Ara's:

With respect,

mortalmuslim said...

gr8 alhumdulilah!

Anonymous said...

Happy to know about your mom. May Allah bless her with a long & healthy life.

sara said...

Wallahi she means a lot to me..
Whenever any of you visits my bloggy, please do remember to pray for her..