Saturday, January 06, 2007

Mariah Carey

Well, I had a dream of her, standing on the side, behind a table or something, & me hugging her for almost a minute, thinking of how to present Islam to her..
Mama was right behind me.. However, I couldn't let go of Mariah for some reason..
That was about IT!!
May Allah guide her and us all.. And cover all women with veils that protect them from themseleves, satan & all evil.. Amen.


:) said...

I enjoy reading your blog. VERY insightful:)

YOU are actually making me consider starting a blog. MAY ALLAH BLESS U.

Sometimes i wish that we know some things about the author..u i mean..interest extra cz...some ppl learning by moduleing. that's if you dont mind ofcourse.

I wonder what kinna of subject do u teach..or is it just a metaphor..

thanks sis

sara said...

Well, I’m flattered.. I mean Biiiiig time.. And don’t wanna get a big head.. And that’s exactly what you’re doing.. Unfortunately ?
May Allah grant us sincerity of thought and deed.. Amen.

Ummmm, let’s see.. I taught all different subjects for grades one to 5.. And taught women too..
I taught love, respect and a little more love I assume..
Taught that through Islamic studies & Qur’an for non Arabs, English & arts (a very abstract one).. & oh, Arabic through Qur’an for non-Arabs..
Hope to carry on this path..
And believe me when I say I learned so much more than I taught.. Wallahi..

May Allah grant us genuineness of each breath.. And accept us as true submitters.. Amen.

Keep us in your prayers..

With respect and much gratitude,

Anonymous said...

Mashallah good dream. You know what I feel, it is the duty of every one of us to present the Islam in its real form to non-muslims. After all, we are the nation, chosen by Allah, who call people towards everything good & stop them from everything bad. And today if we are in a decline, it is because we stopped performing our real job. May Allah help & guide us to become good muslims.

sara said...

"After all, we are the nation, chosen by Allah"
How beautiful, yet a heavy load!!