Thursday, January 11, 2007

Breaking my fast :)

One can taste the sweetness of faith, if he is characterized with the following:
*If he holds Allah and His Messenger dearer than all else.
*When he loves a person he loves him only for the sake of Allah.
*If he has as great an abhorrence of returning to unbelief after Allah has rescued him from it as he has of being cast into fire.

InshaAllah on breaking my fast I'll ask Allah to be of the ones who taste the sweetness of faith..
Especially when it's made by Merry :)
And by the way, there is a beautiful prayer muslims make upon breaking their fast..
Here goes:
"The thirst has gone and the veins are quenched, and reward is confirmed, if Allah wills."
Isn't it beautiful!!
May Allah accept our good deeds, & grant us true sincerity.. Amen.

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